Time to Breathe Again Dear One

Lets Go Home to the Source of all Joy and Peace Within

Surge’s Blog

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Vemma Opportunity -

For everybody looking to understand more about the opportunity and our team.

Motivation and Positivity -

For all those people who are currently knocked down by the pressures of this business, or life in general, make sure to review this material daily. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t on the team, it will still help out your day.

The only way to fail at this business is to QUIT or DO NOTHING. Keep FailingFastForward, and DONT hesitate to contact your up line. We are all here for you, and we all have an invested interest in each other’s success. ‘When you are ‘down’, go Up’ – Your First Year in Network Marketing

Training -

This is for the team. Stay updated, and tune into all the training material posted here. It usually takes 15 minutes a day, no matter how good you are, to stay in good Verving shape.


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